The Most Handsome Protagonists in a Survival Romance Story!

Have you ever felt that your new year’s holiday is too boring? Let me introduce you to a new story that will make you forget about your tedious day! Today’s recommendation would go with this one!

When the Villainess Loves

Genre : survival, shoujo, romance, isekai

Brief Introduction:
This is the story of a transmigrator that possesses a villainous princess’ body named Libertia. The female lead used to be a normal Korean girl who just loves reading novels so much! Surprisingly, she got into the body of her favorite character; Libertia. However, the ominous feeling soon makes her realize that Libertia in the story will be killed pathetically by the crown prince. So, she has to find a way to make it out alive of the royal palace. Along the way, she meets four love targets that have incomparably handsome looks. Since then, She decides to get along with them as much as possible so that they will help protect her from the crown prince. Little does she know that her actions would later capture those handsome men’s hearts. The four handsome men:
  1. Eugene de Volton

This character is a very kind man and so considerate towards our female lead.

  1. Daniel

Daniel is the last person to appear in the story. However, with his captivating looks, it’s not surprising that he is one of the reader’s favorite characters.

  1. Herrace

He is the head of a secret organization that provides information. He later meets Libertia and starts to become interested in her actions.

  1. Kain De EIRIK

He is the most powerful man among those four love targets. His long black hair makes him look unique and different from others.

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