Most Beautiful Blond Haired Protagonists in Manhwas!

There are many released manhwas in 2021 and I’ve chosen only those blonde-haired female leads that can catch my eyes and are so outstanding! Let’s have a look. 

  1. Athanasia De Alger Obelia 

Athanasia comes from manhwa “who made me a princess” drawn by Spoon, the well-known Korean artist. She is the most popular character after this manhwa was released and became a success! Truthfully speaking, she is a literally gorgeous and funny character that every reader can not help but fall for her lovable appearance.

  1. Aria Roscente

This character is a beautiful villainess that comes from manhwa named “The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass”. In the story’s first timeline, she had been betrayed by her sister. However, she uses an hourglass to reverse back time and start her revenge. 

  1. Empress Navier Ellie Lazlo

To be honest, she is the most pitiful female lead among those blonde-haired protagonists! Because of her ex-husband, she had to suffer from his irresponsible actions so many times and his concubine constantly provoked her. So, the story will focus on the topic of breaking up with her ex-husband and finding a new partner.

  1. Kayena Hill

She comes from “The villainess is a marionnette”. This is also the story that the female lead had a second chance to live her life again. After Kayena Hill was killed painfully in the first timeline, she reversed back time and planned to change everything to avoid the destined death. During the story, this character shows how powerful a female protagonist can be. She also looks elegant and noble compared to other nobles in this manhwa. 

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