Mortal Kombat 12 Might Be Leaked

A senior NetherRealm employee may have leaked Mortal Kombat 12.

The aforementioned senior, Jonathan Andersen, shared a picture on Twitter of his workspace. The photo shows off a bunch of art from MK and Injustice, but people have zoomed into the picture. You can see Andersen’s computer in the picture, and there’s a file called “MK12_Mast…” There’s also a file named “Reptile,” and there’s a character named Reptile, of course.

On top of that, there’s some text that can be seen like, “our fans eagerly scrape the internet for any trace” and “take extra care with this material.” That’s why people think the game has been intentionally leaked. It’s not that big of a reveal, but it could mean Mortal Kombat 12 is coming soon than later.

Back in December 2021, Andersen also teased at an announcement as if the studio would reveal whatever they were working on. There was no announcement, shockingly, but people have rumored that MK 12 would be a trilogy for the last three games. Maybe they retell the story and have a giant list of characters.

Ever since Injustice, NetherRealm has been releasing Injustice in between Mortal Kombat games. However, they’re skipping right to MK 12 and not Injustice 3. Maybe it’s because so many people bought MK 11 and it’s DLC that they are putting Injustice to the side.

It’s a little sad, but I understand if it’s for sales. That means they’re also holding off on the Marvel fighting game that was rumored before. Although, these are all just rumors, so we’ll wait to see what they bring.

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