More Spanish Citizens Are Installing Solar Power Systems At Home Due to Rising Electricity Bills

More people in Spain are switching to Solar Power Systems (SPS) as an alternative to power their homes. The rising demand for solar panels is due to the surge of electricity bills in Spain, which is also caused by the increasing prices of natural gas. Reuters reported that electricity bills in Spain have been spiking up to 12% since 2018.

Not just Spain, according to Otovo, a Norwegian company that specializes in solar-panelled rooftop services and installations, the demand for SPS has been exploding across multiple European countries.

Esther Banales, one of the affected citizens, expressed why she decided to start relying on solar panels for electricity supply.

“We feel that the bills have become too high, and people have also been discussing whether we’ll experience scarcity problems, so I decided that now is the right time to start having solar panels installed on my home’s rooftop,” said Banales.

Banales admitted that the cost for a solar power system installation was pretty expensive, which was roughly 7,600 Euros. However, Banales believed that the decision has made a return on investment.

Association of Renewable Energy Spain (APPA) reported that a solar power system can decrease home electricity bills down from 40% to 60%. SPS is a great choice when electricity bills are still all-time high especially the first two weeks of November this year, 50% higher than last year on the same period, according to the consumer association FACUA.

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