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Monster Strike and “Tensura” are finally collaborating!

“Monst News” is an official broadcast that disseminates various information on “Monster Strike” (hereafter, “Monst”). Here, we will introduce the information announced in the distribution on March 16, 2023 and the information published on the official website.

“That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” Collaboration Event

A collaboration event with the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” (hereinafter referred to as “Tensura”) has been announced. It will start at 12:00 on March 17th.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-04-59-636
[Event period]12:00 on March 17th to 11:59 on April 2nd

Gacha limited availability

Leader of the Demon Federation, Rimuru Tempest (Beastification)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-05-13-916
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-05-26-595

A character that supports 4 gimmicks and can recover HP by recovery and soul steal. At higher difficulty levels, you can reach Tenma 1 and Tenma 6.

Samurai General Benimaru (Beast)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-07-03-539
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-07-15-169

It corresponds to 3 gimmicks including anti-transfer wall, and has explosive Cocytus suitability. It is a super homing 18 with two types of killers that can be used regardless of the enemy race, and has high Zako processing performance.

Samurai Shion (Beast)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-08-44-371
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-08-57-264

Like Benimaru, it supports 3 gimmicks: damage wall, warp, and transfer wall. The weak point killer and the weak point exposed SS are compatible, and the follow-up attack can also aim to skip the boss’s gauge.

Stealth Souei (Evolution)
Instructor Hakurou (evolution)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-10-25-147

EX Bonus

If you pull 10 consecutive gachas of the “Tousura” collaboration gacha, you can get a collaboration limited good job as an EX bonus.

There are 9 types of collaboration limited good jobs. One type can be obtained for each 10 consecutive gachas, and the bonus once obtained will not be discharged again.

After getting all the collaboration limited good jobs, you can get in-game items as an EX bonus.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-10-47-317
[EX bonus, 1st lap]Rimuru’s Good Job
Benimaru’s Good Job
Shion’s Good Job
Souei’s Good Job
Hakurou’s Good Job
Shuna’s Good Job
Veldora’s Good Job
Ranga’s good job
Milim’s Good Job

[EX bonus, 2nd round onwards]Refill dice x 1
E-label bell x 1
Miracle Min x 1
Hue-le biscuit x 1
Exciting stick x 1
Waku Waku Min x 1
Fall God ball x 1
Beast dragon ball x1
Beast God Ball x 1

collaboration starter pack

During the event period, a collaboration starter pack that can be purchased only once per person will appear. In addition to various items, you can get the pack limited character “Mikohime Shuna”.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-11-09-339

Shrine Maiden Princess Shuna

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-11-30-995
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-11-54-948

Although the combination of corresponding gimmicks is low in versatility, it possesses excellent abilities such as super LS, abnormal state resistance, and abnormal state recovery. Furthermore, it is an excellent supporter who possesses a copy and a bound charge.

Great Sage (Guardian Beast)

Collaboration Guardian Beast “Great Sage” Appears. The SS turn of the character used can be shortened by up to 8 turns.

The usage condition is to defeat 15 or more enemies, and it can be expected to play an active role in one-punch quests where many Zakos appear.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-15-01-697
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-15-30-014

Level 1: Reduces SS turn by 1 turn for monsters that activated protection skills.
Level 10: Reduces the SS turn of monsters that activated protection skills by 4 to 8 turns.
Requirement: Defeat 15 enemies in total.

Get super ultimate quest

A new Super Ultimate Quest “Devil King Milim Invasion” is now available. If you clear the quest, you can get the collaboration limited character “Tyrant of Destruction Milim”.

Tyrant of Destruction, Milim

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-14-10-523
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-14-28-229

Get Advent Quest

Dragon race Gabil (Evolution)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-13-03-116

Wild Boar King Gerudo (Evolution)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-13-10-810

Labyrinth Fairy Ramiris (Evolution)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-13-18-657

Majin Myuran (Evolution)
Black Panther Fang Fabio (Evolution)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-13-27-207

rimuru mission

Collaboration limited mission “Rimuru Mission” will be held.

By completing missions, you can get the collaboration limited character “Storm Dragon Veldora Tempest”, as well as in-game items and collaboration limited “skill points”.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-16-10-897

Storm Dragon Veldora Tempest

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-16-37-831
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-16-54-760
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-17-16-023

By consuming skill points that can be obtained in missions, you can acquire “extra skills” that benefit from collaboration quests.

“Extra Skills” can be evolved into “Unique Skills” by consuming additional skill points. By evolving, it is possible to extend the effective time and shorten the cool time until reactivation.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-17-34-347
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-18-01-074
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-18-28-800

login bonus

Collaboration limited character Veldora will be distributed as a login stamp in addition to the Rimuru mission.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-19-12-779

In addition, Veldora and Shuna can be used in the luck state of rack +99 during the collaboration period.

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-19-33-798

official delivery

To commemorate the holding of the collaboration, the official live distribution “The matter that the mission was found after analysis” will be held.

[Scheduled delivery date]From 20:00 on March 20

Collaboration holding commemorative retweet campaign

In addition, a retweet campaign commemorating the collaboration was announced.


Monster day information

“Monst Day” information for March 20 has been released. This limited rack exchange item is Miracle Min x 1, Tokudama x 1, and Helper Min x 5.

If you have 3 or more lucky monster luck poles, soul spirit x 10000 will be added to the exchange target.


Beastification/Revision Information

In the corner of beastification / reform information, diamond beastification / reform was announced first.

In addition to boasting high defensive performance with all-attribute resistance, non-attribute resistance, and protection, it also acquires high performance as a turret role with all enemy lock-on user EL on which friendship boost L rides. It has become a character that can demonstrate excellent performance with the support of allies.

A truly brilliant pure colonel Diamond (beast deity change)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-44-30-967
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-45-05-097
[Implementation date]March 21, 12:00

Next, Nobunaga / Nobunaga X’s beast deification / Kai was announced. In addition to the regular version, a Valentine version illustration has also been announced.

Nobunaga has acquired a new Super Minesweeper, and his friendship combo has been revamped. With New Friendship’s explosive slash, you can expect damage from multiple attacks to nearby enemies.

In addition, Nobunaga X newly acquires Anti-Damage Wall, Power Aura, and Regen M. With Regen M and Great Command + Healing Wall Deployment SS, it has become a performance that makes it easy to fight while deploying a power aura. Friendship Combo has been changed to Transcendence Solid Bullet + Super Strong Clone Bullet.

Revived Dark Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga (Beast Deity Change)
Resurrected Sweet Pole Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga (Beast Deity Reform)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-47-57-168
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-53-09-373
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-48-07-920

Resurrected Sweet Pole Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga X (Beast Deity Reform)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-51-28-233
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-53-17-930
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-51-36-945
[Implementation date]March 19th 12:00

beastification information

In the beastification information, Mahoroba’s beastification was announced.

Anti-Gravity Barrier and Shield Breaker are added based on the performance of Divinity, and newly acquired suitability for Rouzetsu Harbisel and Base 42. With the addition of Vital Killer M, Tenma 2 can be expected to be more active than ever.

In addition, New Friendship’s Quick Charge Shot has a shorter charging time than the previous Charge Shot, and seems to be more powerful.

Mahoroba, the guardian deity of Yamatai who conveys his feelings

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-56-06-475
Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-56-38-616
[Implementation date]12:00 on March 18

lucky monster next week

At the end of the program, next week’s lucky monster was announced. If you have a character who seems to be aiming for luck, you can collect it by the target period.


[Next week’s lucky monster]
Target period: March 20, 4:00 to March 27, 3:59

pencil base

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latest events

Code Biblia 2 ~Bound Passion~

code biblia 2
[Strategy summary]
Gacha character evaluation
Legend of the White Snake (Beastification)

Legend of the White Snake

Snorri's Edda (Beast)

Snorri’s Edda

Kaitai Shinsho

Kaitai Shinsho

advent character
Agora (Evolution)


Zukour (Evolution)


Taiky (evolution)


[Quest strategy] [Quest strategy] [Quest strategy]
simple summary
[Holding period]
12:00 on March 2 to 11:59 on March 17

[Featured gacha limited]・Shirojaden has good compatibility with Genghis Khan
・Possibility of Kaitai Shinsho being active in Tenma 5 due to buff cancellation SS?
・ Sales ant of new character confirmed gacha pack

⇒ Should I draw this gacha?

[Recommendation level of luck]
・Expect the future with 3 gimmicks for all characters
・Agora (evolution) has support performance with white explosion EL and SS turn halving SS ○
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