[Monst]Mahoroba (Beastification), Nobunaga, Nobunaga X, Diamond (Beastification / Kai) are released sequentially | Famitsu App for smartphone game information

Expectations for Nobunaga’s new friendship “Explosive Slash”

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On March 16, 2023, MIXI announced on “Monst News” Nobunaga, Nobunaga X, Diamond’s Beast Deification / Kai, and Mahoroba’s Beast Deification. For Nobunaga and Nobunaga X, the Valentine version will also be released as a beast deity.

[Implementation date]Mahoroba (beastification): 12:00 on March 18
Nobunaga, Nobunaga X: 12:00 on March 19
Diamond: 12:00 on March 21st

Mahoroba, the guardian deity of Yamatai who conveys his feelings

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An anti-gravity barrier has been added based on Apotheosis. In recent years, it has gained aptitude for Rouzetsu Harbisel in high difficulty. Also, since it has a shield breaker, it can be expected to break the shield that appears in the undeveloped land (base 42) and make it easier to fight.

The new Quick Charge Shot has a shorter charging time than the previous Charge Shot, and is said to be more powerful.

Revived Dark Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga (Beast Deity Change)
Resurrected Sweet Pole Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga (Beast Deity Reform)

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Super Minesweeper has been added to beastification to improve versatility. It inherits the ability to aim for an upward swing in damage when the magic circle boost and counter killer are activated.

He also possesses a new friendship, Explosive Slash. She is a top friend of transcendental slashing, and further damage can be expected when the magic circle boost & counter killer rides.

Resurrected Sweet Pole Heavenly Demon King Nobunaga X (Beast Deity Reform)

Screenshot 2023-03-16_16-51-28-233
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Added an anti-damage wall to beastification. Two types of energy circles have been removed from the Friendship Combo, and changed to Super Solid Bullet & Super Strong Clone Bullet. In addition, the power aura has high attack performance, and it is easy to maintain the power aura activation with Regen M and Healing Wall Deployment SS.

A truly brilliant pure colonel Diamond (beast deity change)

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Beastification was an anti-damage wall and anti-warp in the gauge, but the gauge has been abolished and usability has improved. It is also compatible with gravity barriers.

The Friendship Combo has been changed to an All-Enemy Lock-On Laser EL with Friendship Boost L, and is expected to be a handy source of damage. Combined with all-attribute resistance, non-attribute resistance, protection, and defense up, the defense is excellent.

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