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Base 43 Cheats


Introducing the stage capture and suitable characters for “Base 43”, which appears in “Undeveloped Land” of “Monster Strike”.

quest data

■ Basic information

Boss attribute wood
Minor fish attributes wood
boss race beast
Spikli 18 turns

■ Gimmick information

Attribute effect transcendence up Fire attribute required
slowing wall Countermeasure required
Magic Circle Countermeasure required
damage wall
Weak point effect up
Type reversal panel
Shooting species speed change panel
cross skull
Max HP reduction attack

Appropriate character

Ebisu (fishery god) Ebisu (fishery god)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Super MSL / magic circle boost / tree killer / super SS accelerator + anti-deceleration wall / SS boost
Himiko (beast deity change) Himiko (beast deity change)
Attack type: reflection
・Anti-magic circle/super anti-deceleration wall/recovery M
・ Super ADW / Tree Killer M / Tree Resistance (Connect)
Faust (Awakened) Faust (Awakened)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Anti-Magic Circle / Super Anti-Deceleration Wall / Counter Killer L
・You can earn a certain amount of damage with friendship
*Please note that the SS that sticks to the boss will increase the damage taken.
break Break (Beastification)
Attack type: Penetration
・ ADW / magic circle boost / counter killer + anti-deceleration wall / vital killer
rum Ram (Beastification)
Attack type: Penetration
・Anti-magic circle/no resistance + super anti-slow wall/soul steal
・Friend Spear Up
Katsumi Bakugou (Beast Deity Transformation) Katsumi Bakugou (Beast Deity Transformation)
Attack type: reflection
・Anti-deceleration wall + AB/SS charge
・Anti-Magic Circle (Connect)
Abinibesha Abini Besha (Beastification)
Attack type: reflection
・ Super ADW / anti-magic circle + anti-deceleration wall / vital killer
Pandemonium (Beastification) Pandemonium
Attack type: Penetration
・ Anti-magic circle / all resistance + super anti-deceleration wall / SS charge

strategy point

■ Measures against gimmicks

Let’s solidify with fire attribute that can deal with deceleration wall and magic circle. The split damage wall can prevent expansion, so countermeasures are not essential, but the power is high. If you can handle it, it’s safe and easy to get around.

■ Blocks are activated by cross-skull activation

A quest that directly hits weak points using blocks. Be careful with characters that cannot use blocks without gauges.

stage strategy

stage 1


Strategy steps

1.Same turn processing of magnifying glass
2. Handle the horse

Loupe reanimated each other. Let’s handle it with a direct hit in the same turn. By activating Cross Skull, Karakuri Blocks will rise. It’s hard to damage anything other than weak points, so let’s hit the weak points directly while using blocks.

After activating Cross Skull


stage 2


Strategy steps

1.Same turn processing of magnifying glass
2. Handle Bahamut

As in the previous stage, the Karakuri block activates when the Loupes are processed together.

Attacking Bahamut’s internal weak points is effective, so sneak in between the blocks in a reflex state and use the nearby reversal panel to penetrate and attack continuously.

After activating Cross Skull


stage 3


Strategy steps

1. Handle the robot
2.Same turn processing of magnifying glass
3. Defeat the mid-boss

The robot deploys a damage wall. Although it is a split type, it takes a lot of damage, so if you don’t have enough allies to deal with it, you should prioritize defeating the one with the lowest number.

Activating the cross skull activates the block above the boss. I want to use the attack type reversal panel and speed change panel as appropriate to repeatedly attack the weak points.

The mid-boss fires a powerful shotgun. Allies tend to be nearby and take more damage, so aim to break through as soon as possible.

After activating Cross Skull


stage 4


Strategy steps

1. Kill 3 or more zombies
2. Annihilate the zombies

Zombies revive one for each. It is possible to reduce the number by processing 3 or more bodies at once. In this stage, the reversal panel does not appear and you cannot change the type of attack, so be aware of the color of the speed change panel for your next ally.

boss stage 1


Strategy steps

1. Handle the robot
2. Process 3 or more loupes
3. Annihilate Loupe
4. Defeat the boss

The robot deploys a damage wall. Since the danger increases when dealing with the Loupe, let’s defeat the one with the lowest number first. Also, Lupe revives 1 body for each body, so you want to be conscious of processing 3 or more bodies.

Blocks above and below the boss are activated by activating the cross skull. Crawl between the blocks, and go back and forth between the weak points if you’re in a reflective state, or the weak points if you’re a penetrating type.

After activating Cross Skull


boss stage 2


Strategy steps

1. Handle the robot
2. Kill 3 or more zombies
3. Annihilate the zombies
4. Handle Summoned Bahamut
5. Defeat the boss

The damage taken is generally high, and early Zako processing is required. If you receive the homing that zombies shoot at once, it will be disadvantageous, so let’s reduce the number as soon as possible.

After activating Cross Skull, Block activates & summons Bahamut. Bahamut also has high attack power and is dangerous, but if it seems to be able to shave off the boss’s HP, there is no problem with using a special attack.

After activating Cross Skull


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