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Danger of jumping out! The Well Where Evil Spirits Dwell (Extreme Ultimate)


In “Monster Strike”‘s “Danger of jumping out! A well where evil spirits live”, you can get the water attribute 5-6 ★ character “Kankotsu”.

quest data

■ Basic information

Boss attribute water
Minor fish attribute water
boss race demon
Spikli 17 turns
S rank time 5 minutes 10 seconds

■ Gimmick information

Magic Circle Countermeasure required
no heart
skull ・Akemi: White Explosion (30000 overall)
・ Shuten Doji: White Explosion (52,000 total)
・ Angel: Recovery flare (28000 total)
Ability lock

Appropriate character

Limited Gacha
Mikazuki Munechika (Beast) Mikazuki Munechika (Beast)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Super MSL / anti-magic circle / poison killer M
Tutankhamun (Pharaoh) Tutankhamun (Pharaoh)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Magic Circle Boost / Friendship Boost + SS Charge
・Copy & All Enemy Super Poison Meteor
Solomon (Opener) Solomon (Opener)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Super MSM / anti-magic circle + dash M
Madoka (Ultimate) Madoka Kaname (Ultimate)
Attack type: Penetration
・Barrier/state resistance + anti-magic circle
Theseus (Beast) Theseus (Beast)
Attack type: Penetration
・Anti-Magic Circle/Up Position Killer
Yakumo (Princess Shrine Maiden) Yakumo (Princess Shrine Maiden)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Weak point killer M / friendship boost / status resist
*Beware of magic circles
Neo (Hello World) Neo (Hello World)
Attack type: reflection
・Anti-Magic Circle/Barrier
・Penetrate & All Anti & Accelerate to yourself SS (6+6 turns)
unfair Unfair (beastification)
Attack type: Penetration
・Anti-Magic Circle
・Marking missile
Veg Tepara Vegitepara (beastification)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Anti-magic circle / SS reduction
・Copy & friendship field
father father (evolution)
Attack type: Penetration
・Power Aura + Anti-Magic Circle/Soul Deprivation
Rabbit Raviko (Evolution) Rabbit Raviko (Evolution)
Attack type: Penetration
・Anti-Magic Circle/Regen M
・Super Explosion
Father Pucci Pucci (Evolution)
Attack type: Penetration
・ Counter killer (rack) + anti-magic circle / SS reduction
predeviol Predeviol (Beastification)
Attack type: reflection
・ Super MSM / anti-magic circle / friendship boost
Milim Milim (evolution)
Attack type: reflection
・Anti-Magic Circle/Power Mode + Vital Killer

strategy point

■ Measures against gimmicks

The number of magic circles is very large. If you become a chick, your firepower will drop significantly, so prioritize anti-magic circle/magic circle boost holders. Friendship attacks are also effective, so it is recommended to use a lot of penetration to easily pick up friendship.

Akaki (Shuten-doji) ⇒ Defeat in order of angels

With the Skull effect, Akaki and Shuten-doji emit a white explosion, and the angel fires a recovery flare. Defeating only Akaki and Shuten-doji may result in annihilation, so try to keep your HP high by defeating the angel last.

stage strategy

stage 1


Strategy steps

1. Processing in order of Akaki ⇒ Angel
2. Deal with zombies
3. Process the remaining Zako

When Akaki is defeated, it releases a white explosion that deals 30,000 damage, but the angel’s recovery flare can heal 28,000. If you defeat them in order of Akaki ⇒ Angel, you can fight while maintaining your HP. In order for the zombies to revive Zako, I would like to reduce the number of Akaki and Angels so that they can attack.

stage 2


Strategy steps

1. Processing in order of Akaki ⇒ Angel
2. Handle Avi Locker
3. Defeat the mid-boss

First, let’s create a space by defeating the angel and red demon. Defeating Akaoni will reduce your HP at once, so you want to deal with Angel in the same turn. Also, if you are attacked by Abilocker, there is a situation where the anti-magic circle will not activate, so be careful.

stage 3


Strategy steps

1. Processing in the order of Shuten-doji ⇒ Angel
2. Handle Avi Locker
3. Leftover Zako

The white explosion that occurs when Shuten-doji is defeated has a total power of 52,000, which is higher than Akaki’s. On the turn that deals with Shuten-doji, let’s defeat the angel as well. I want to deal with Abi Rocker before it is attacked.

boss stage 1


Strategy steps

1. Processing in order of Akaki ⇒ Angel
2. Deal with zombies
3. Defeat the boss

If you defeat only 4 red demons, there is a risk that they will be annihilated by a white explosion. Finally, let’s choose a route that can defeat an angel. Boss attacks also deal relatively high damage, so you should always keep an eye on your remaining HP.

boss stage 2


Strategy steps

1. Processing in order of Akaki ⇒ Angel
2. Handle Avi Locker
3. Defeat the boss

There are more angels than red demons and it’s easier to recover, but Zako doesn’t retreat even if he defeats the boss first. If you defeat the demon early, you will be able to reduce the damage taken as a result.

boss stage 3


Strategy steps

1. Akaki & Shuten-doji ⇒ Processed in order of angels
2. Defeat the boss

Shuten-doji’s white explosion is more powerful than Akaki’s. Defeating only Akaki and Shuten-doji will result in annihilation level damage.

I want to read together

⇒The new event “Sengoku Fuun Emaki -Maki No Kyu-” will start on April 2nd.
⇒ You will receive a “Super Harutama” that allows you to draw 10 consecutive gachas for free!Intense Beast God Festival and attribute gacha are also targeted
⇒Collaboration quest with Fanta will start from 4/1
⇒ Nibelungen’s beast deification and reform are decided!Improved support performance
⇒Total rewards added to Tenma no Kojou & you can check the highest number of breakthroughs

⇒Evaluation of Diamond (Beast Deification / Kai) and consideration of suitable quests / Excellent defense with 2 types of resistance and protection
⇒Evaluation of Nobunaga (Beast Goddess Reform) and consideration of suitable quests / Possession of new friendship “Explosive Slash”
⇒Evaluation of Nobunaga X (Beast Goddess Reform) and examination of suitable quests / Possessing a rare power aura
⇒Evaluation of Mahoroba (beast transformation) and examination of appropriate quests / New friendship “Quick Charge Shot” is highly powerful
⇒ Click here for information on beastification and modified monsters
⇒ Click here for information on beast-like monsters

⇒ Selection! Which group should I choose for the 9th anniversary popular vote gacha?Recommended characters and points to note
⇒ Reroll takes about 5 minutes!The latest reroll method and recommended character summary
⇒ Recommended ranking of strong friendship characters (April 2022 version)
⇒Soul energy required to release the 2nd soul crest and number of days until full release

latest events

Sengoku Wind and Cloud Picture Scroll – Volume No. 9 –

Sengoku 9
[Strategy summary]
Gacha character evaluation
Masanori Fukushima (Beast Deity)

Masanori Fukushima

Nene (Beastification)


Sakon Shima (Beast)

Sakon Shima

advent character
Mad Bone (Evolution)

mad bones

Nurikabe (Evolution)

painted wall

Senpoku Kanpoku (Evolution)

sempoku kampok

[Quest strategy] [Quest strategy] [Quest strategy]
simple summary
[Holding period]
12:00 on April 2nd to 11:59 on April 15th

[Featured gacha limited]・ Sakon Shima has the ability to play an active role in Roaring Murakusha
・Fukushima Masanori and Nene focus on the future
・ Sales ant of new character confirmed gacha pack

⇒ Should I draw this gacha? (While editing)

[Recommendation level of luck]
・ Mad Bone (God) has a boost SS that is rare in the luck frame
・Painted walls are compatible with Gozetsu Herbisel
・Sempokukanpoku is perfect for transcendence Ains
⇒ Click here for details on the degree of recommendation of Ungoku

Monster strike beginner latest image

▲Summary of useful information for beginners and intermediates▲

Capture and evaluation of high-difficulty quests

I’m doing a strategy video.


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▲ Click here for strategy techniques such as how to efficiently raise the rack ▲

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