“Mono.” By RM Extends Its Record As The Album With Most #1 In iTunes History

On the 22nd of April 2022, ‘mono.’ by BTS’ RM breaks another record. The album that was released in 2018 extends its record as the album with the most #1 in iTunes history after reaching another number 1 in Venezuela. This is the 123rd #1 for the album that was released without any promotion back then in 2018.


‘mono.’ is a mixtape consisting of 7 songs with a total of 24 minutes and 52 seconds. This is the second mixtape that is produced by BTS’ RM as his solo project. The title ‘mono.’ was selected by RM because that was the best word to describe the mixtape perfectly, the word that can bring all the tracks together.


What makes this mixtape so special is the order of the song. From track 1 to track 7, RM curated it carefully so that it will result in a very natural flow that makes the listener want to listen to the mixtape again and again and it shows.


Let’s take a glimpse of each song from mono. (All lyrics translation credit to doolset bangtan via https://doolsetbangtan.wordpress.com/)




Life is a wave that sometimes you cannot see

And ash is a thing that someday we all should be

When tomorrow comes, how different it’s gonna be

Why do love and hate sound just the same to me


I can’t sleep, homesick

Babe, I just wanna stay right next to you

If I could choose my dream, I just wanna stay right next to you


Seoul (prod. HONNE)

The lyrics are visualizing Seoul perfectly. As a person who spends almost his entire life in Seoul, RM expressed his love-hate relationship with the city of Seoul.

사랑과 미움이 같은 말이면 I love you, Seoul

If love and hate are the same words, I love you, Seoul

 사랑과 미움이 같은 말이면 I hate you, Seoul

If love and hate are the same words, I hate you, Seoul




It’s okay to shed the tears

But don’t you tear yourself


떠나도 절대 번도 떠나지지가 않아

Though you leave, you cannot actually get to leave even once


죽고 싶다며 그만큼 열심히 살아

Though you say you want to die, you actually live that much harder


내려놓고 싶다며 다른 추를 달아

Though you say you want to put everything down, you actually carry another weight


생각하지 말잔 생각조차 생각이잖아, you know

Even the thought of not having a thought is a thought, you know


사실은 우린 이런 운명이란 , you know

That this is, in fact, our destiny, you know


끝없는 고통 속에 웃는 거란 , you know

That we smile in endless pain, you know


자유를 말하는 순간 자윤 없어, you know

That there is no freedom the moment you say freedom out loud, you know


Do you know?

Moonchild, you shine

When you rise, it’s your time






이상과 현실

My ideal and reality–


너무 멀고

They are too far apart


그래도 다리 건너

But, I still want to cross the bridge


내게 닿고 싶어

and reach me


진짜 내게 (yeah, yeah)

the real me (yeah, yeah)



지나가 언젠가

It shall pass, someday


분명히 확실히

Surely, without doubt

속에서는 영원할 수가 없잖아

Nothing can last forever in the dream


힘내란 뿌연 대신

Instead of those vague words to cheer me up,


그렇다는 거짓말 대신

instead of those lies that this is how it is supposed to be,


그저 모든 바람 바람처럼 지나가길 I pray

I pray that it shall pass just like all these winds


Forever rain

하루 종일 비가 왔음 좋겠어

I wish it rains all day


누가 대신에 울어줬으면 해서 Yeah

because I’d like someone to cry for me Yeah


종일 비가 왔음 좋겠어

I wish it rains all day


그럼 사람들이 쳐다보질 않아서 Yeah

because then people would not stare at me Yeah


우산이 슬픈 얼굴 가려주니까

because the umbrella would cover the sad face


속에선 사람들도 저마다 바쁘니까

because, in the rain, everyone is busy on their own

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