Money Heist: Korean Remake Title Announcement

The Korean remake of Money Heist premieres this year on Netflix

Money Heist: Korean Remake Title Announcement
The Professor in the Korean remake of Money Heist. (source: Netflix)

On Tuesday (01/18), Netflix revealed a Korean remake of the Spanish popular crime series Money Heist. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is the official title for Money Heist Korean remake. In the one-minute teaser, Netflix announced the cast for the series adaptation.

At the beginning of the teaser, we see the heist mastermind The Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae) who is gonna pick a mask. Later, the scene turned before The Professor could pick the mask, which one of the masks is the iconic mask of Money Heist Salvador Dali mask. The scene changed to Kim Yun-Jin as Seon Woo-Jin, the head of the Crisis Negotiation Team. And the heist crew cast introduction concludes the teaser.

There are familiar names on the heist crew. Squid Game’s player 218, Park Hae-Soo plays as Berlin. Next, the star of Netflix’s previous movie The Call, Jun Jong-Seo plays Tokyo. Lee Won-Jong joins the crew as Moscow, Kim Ji-Hun as Denver, Jang Yoon-Ju as Nairobi, Lee Hyun-Woo as Rio, Kim Ji-Hoon as Helsinki, and Lee Kyu-Ho as Oslo.

Ryu Yong-Jae is in charge of screenwriting together with Kim Hwan-Chae and Choe Sung-Jun. Álex Pina, the creator and executive producer of the original series, will take part as the executive producer in Korean remake production.

Money Heist is a Spanish crime series also known as La Casa de Papel. The story is about the biggest heist in history planned by mastermind The Professor. Then, he recruits eight members with a certain ability to carry out his plan. He plans on printing billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. This popular crime series has five seasons in total and concluded last December.

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