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Molnupiravir Medicine COVID-19 Arrived in Jakarta Today

Molnupiravir Medicine COVID-19 Arrived in Jakarta Today

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said the alternative drug Covid-19 Molnupiravir would arrive in Indonesia on Monday (3/1/2022). “Today, we will come to Molnupiravir imported,” Budi said at a virtual press conference through the Youtube Channel of the Presidential Secretariat on Monday (3/1/2022). Budi said Molnupiravir drugs would be saved first to be prepared if there is a surge in the Covid-19 case.

He said Molnupiravir would be given to Covid-19 patients with saturation above 94 percent. “So we have saved it first if there will be anything we have prepared the medicine, because this is proven to reduce the pace of entry into the hospital for people affected by Covid-19, which are still above 94 percent,” he said. Previously reported, Minister of Health Budi said that Molnupiravir antivirus drugs made by Merck, the United States (US) could prevent 50 percent of the possibility of a Covis-19 sufferer into the hospital.

Therefore, the nuct the drug will be given to Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms so as not to get worse, so they don’t have to be hospitalized. “This drug is given to the person who is still above 95 percent. The aim is to prevent 50 percent of him enter the hospital,” said Budi at a press conference that was followed by Youtube Kecenko the economy.

Budi said the drug was a dative 2×800 mg amounted to 40 tablets to drink patients with a dose of 2×4 tablets per day. According to Budi, the drug was only for covid-19 patients with lightweight and not used in hospitals. “The drug strategy we have discussed with Merck yesterday when I went to America for Molnupiravir. This is a medicine for a mild symptom person, not a person who has been hospitalized,” he said. He said the government had approached Merck for the benefit of procuring Molnupiravir in Indonesia.

Anticipating the spread of Omicron Budi with the relevant parties has also come to several pharmaceutical factories in the world that have been given a license by Merck to buy Molnupiravir. “It is estimated that hopefully, December will be able to come (Molnupiravir),” he said. In addition to lobbying the arrival of drugs to Indonesia, Budi is also discussing with Merck related to the offer to open production in Indonesia. “If we can make it domestically, so we have better health resistance,” he said.

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