‘Mob Psycho 100’ Season 3 is Out! Studio Bone Reveals Release Date


After a long wait, Studio Bones finally released the official teaser for Mob Psycho 100 3 on May 12, 2022!


Season 3 of Mob Psycho will premiere in October 2022 and we’ll finally get to see more of our beloved psychic boy, Mob, and our favorite scammer – Reigen.


In the trailer, we get to see Mob’s own followers called the “Psycho-helmet cult” in search of him, along with a shot of the divine tree (or the ginormous broccoli plant in the middle of Seasoning City).


Despite Mob being oblivious to his cult, as an average high school student, he struggles to find his own career path.


Reigen with money in his eyes – convinces Mob that his office, the Spirits, and Such Consultation Office is Mob’s calling.


Watch the trailer below!


If you haven’t watched Mob Psycho 100 before, the anime centers on Shigeo Kageyama – also known as Mob – who has extremely powerful psychic powers.


Although bestowed with immense psychic powers, Mob is still unable to befriend his crush in class and constantly has to repress his emotions to control his psychic power.


Mob comes across Reigen – a conman and scammer – who claims himself as a spirit medium, although it turns out not to be true.


ONE, who writes Mob Pyscho 100 also writes One Punch Man, another famous Shounen manga. One Punch Man currently only has 2 seasons as of now.


As Mob Psycho 100 3 will be released in October, fans are excited as other anime including Chainsaw Man and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War will also release in the same month.

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