Mnet Girls Planet 999’s Final Debut Line-Up To Be KEP1ER Members

Girls Planet 999 is a survival show by Mnet aired every Friday from August 6th to October 22nd, 2021. Girls Planet 999 had a different format from Mnet‘s previous survival series, Produce.

Mnet goal of this survival show was to create a global girl group, so in the program, there were trainees from three different countries; South Korea, Japan, and China. The trainees were divided into three groups—K Group, J Group, and C Group. There were 99 trainees in total, and each group respectively had 33 trainees.

The voting system for this program was also different from the previous shows, which before were revealed manipulated by the show’s producer. Mnet collaborated with Universe application to collect the supporters’ votes and applied a ratio system between Korean and International votes. The voting was also under the police’s supervision to prevent fraud from happening. 

There were five missions in the program—Connect Mission, Combination Mission, Creation Mission, O.O.O Mission, and Completion Mission. In between each of them, there was also elimination. The elimination was based on votes. Only trainees that were not eliminated and got a pass from mentors could continue to the next stage. 

Mnet changed their voting terms for the finale episode. Supporters could only choose one trainee from eighteen of them that were advanced to the final. Before, supporters could vote for three trainees from each group. Mnet also did not apply the ratio system and only counted Korean votes. 

The finale episode was aired live on October 22nd at 8 PM KST. In the finale, Mnet also announced the debut group name, KEP1ER read as Kepler. Out of eighteen trainees, only nine could be KEP1ER‘s members. Here’s the list of the nine trainees that will be debuted as KEP1ER:

Rank 1 – K Group Kim Chaehyun

Rank 2 – K Group Huening Bahiyyih

Rank 3 – K Group Choi Yujin

Rank 4 – K Group Kim Dayeon 

Rank 5 – K Group Seo Youngeun

Rank 6 – K Group Kang Yeseo

Rank 7 – J Group Ezaki Hikaru

Rank 8 – J Group Sakamoto Mashiro

Rank 9 – C Group Shen Xiaoting 

KEP1ER‘s management, WakeOne Entertainment, shared that the group is in immediate preparation for its debut, but there was no detailed information on when the date is. 

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