Mitsubishi XFC Concept Is an Acceptable Mix of Perplexity


The last we heard from Mitsubishi, it put out a Renault for the little surviving markets of Europe. But a new concept car was unveiled; and for once, it isn’t outlandishly appalling.



Being a concept car, there’s no details on what to expect of its powertrain. Still, company president Takao Kato says that the production model will have its electric variant, so expect it to be an ICE car. Being a hybrid/mild hybrid is a possibility, but the CEO also added that it is designated for Southeast Asian markets, so chances are slim. Speaking of its assigned markets, the concept was revealed in Vietnam, and the production model is expected to be rolled out all through ASEAN countries.



The compact SUV is a “best-suited buddy for an exciting life”, which takes us back to the time where random english buzzwords are commonly used in marketing to Asian countries. It’s hilarious to see that Mitsubishi continues this strategy in most, if not all of its advertising and slogans for the products. While their current slogan is “Drive Your Ambition”, it doesn’t sound so bad, but the Xpander Cross’ “Rise To Your Life’s Adventure” takes the cake in meaningless commercial jargon.



Back to the XFC concept, it seems to carry over some elements of another concept, that being the GT PHEV, with its rounded squarish roof and back pillar. The light-up double hexagons on the front and back seem to serve some purpose. The front being extra fog lamps, while the rear serves as muffler exits. It was designed under the philosophy of ‘Robust and Ingenious’, and while it does have some properties of the former, the latter is much less so. Small cameras replace the mirrors, and seeing the small cavity on the side, it could supposedly fit flush inside when not in use. The top portion of the headlights in particular seem very much like a Volvo or a Polestar, though the integration with the foglights somewhat denies that. The dynamic shield design language is still evident, but to a lesser degree. Good.



Inside, the Mercedes-esque dashboard features a wide screen combining both the gauge cluster and the infotainment system. Below it, buttons for what we assume are climate controls. A somewhat stylish gear selector lays behind it, with some space below for storage. The material and stitching on the dash makes it seem like the Japs have sewn some jeans onto it. Some parts of the seats are colored in cheese yellow, the same color of the stitchings.



Seeing this concept for the first time, I thought I was alone in seeing hints of Volvo, but Greg Potts of Top Gear has noticed it as well. Similarities aside, we’d like to remind you that this is a concept, and as good as it looks, the interior features and exterior will be dumbed down, like every other production vehicle. But this is modern Mitsubishi we’re speaking of, so expect much more drastic changes in the actual production model, for better or for worse; and knowing Mitsubishi, it’s probably the latter.



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