Missing Indigenous Women:

In 2019, Indigenous women only make up 4 percent of the Canadian population, yet Indigenous women and girls represent 28 percent of the homicides perpetrated against women. CBC News posted approximately 307 profiles of missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls. Many of the cases have gone unsolved because many police just don’t put in the time, effort, or resources to find answers. It is full of stories and names no one knows.

These women and girls deserve some retribution. These women and girls’ families deserve answers and closure. The people who are supposed to be providing that have fallen short. Even the cases that have been solved with justice for the girl and her family have been questionable. Brandy Vittreka, a 17-year-old girl from Whitehorse, was brutally attacked and murdered, leaving her to be found on a trail going through the city. A 15-year-old was brought into questioning and later confessed to her murder. He was charged with manslaughter but only received 2 years in jail and a year of probation.

Another story with an appalling ending is that of Brittany Bearspaw. At the age of 16, Brittany was found dead on the Trans-Canada highway. Her death certificate states that she had been run over three separate times. The RCMP ruled her death as a suicide but did not look into an investigation. The RCMP even went as far as losing her phone, so any evidence of Brittany’s life just managed to disappear.

The Alberta RCMP says there is no mention of the lost cellphone on file and the case is still open with no leads. The second and third drivers who ran over Brittany have turned themselves in and faced no charges, but the original driver who killed Brittany is still out there, leaving her family with no closure but lots of questions.

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