Mini’s Giant Remote-Control Shaped EV Charger and Porsche’s Lifesize Kid Statue Are Fun-Centered Art Pieces for Gearheads


We appreciate April Fools’ day for the creativity of car companies in their jests, some taking shots at their competitors while others have fun on their own. This isn’t April however, but Mini and Porsche recently unveiled some that would fit right in next year’s.



Shown near the Los Angeles Convention Center is Mini’s giant electric car charger, shaped after a run-of-the-mill pistol grip remote control transmitter. It’s 2.75 meters tall and actually functions, albeit only for two days, on the 18th and 19th of November. Folks with electric cars will be on a little quest to find it, having to follow arrows that say “Charge this way” and securing a spot on “Out-fun the competition.” The structure, painted in Nanuq White, also features a screen that plays promotional videos of Minis, and a QR code that sends you to their website.


The “steering wheel” of the RC controller is actually a legitimate Mini wheel, adding to the details. We would argue the throttle part is quite suboptimal for gripping, but this is a ginormous working EV charger, so no complaints. Knowing all those comparisons of EVs and RC cars, this is quite the dedication for a tongue-in-cheek joke. It will visit several other locations in the US after its visit in Los Angeles.




p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>Porsche, on the other hand, has a piece in Florida. It looks like a giant child with a helmet on playing with a new 911 4S, and is appropriately dubbed “Dream Big.” Made by artist Chris Labrooy, it’s a part of Porsche’s artsy “The Art of Dreams” global initiative, and was on display from November 29 to December 3 at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Quite the relatable piece for gearheads; having grown up with Hot Wheels and Matchbox, or other off brands.


These pieces are sure to be quite costly, but it’s great to see that they’re still poking fun with their brands and doing stuff like this; where car enthusiasts are quite screwed over with EV regulations and fun-centered models getting axed left and right.


(Images sourced from Mini and Porsche)

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