Milk Flavors You Might Not Have Known About


If you love to drink milk, especially boxed milk, then you’re probably familiar with the conventional milk flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and mocha.


But did you know that unconventional milk flavors also exist? If you’re bored or looking to try new flavors, you can try these odd flavors below!



Banana Milk

Source: Binggarae

Banana-flavored milk might seem unusual to you, but they’re actually a pretty normal flavor in certain countries namely in South Korea where banana milk is often drunk like normal milk.


Lychee Milk

Source: Binggarae

Yes, the exotic fruit has its milk flavor! The sweet and slightly sour taste of lychee makes the milk taste like a fresh and creamy yogurt drink.


Taro Milk

Source: Moriyama Teahouse

Taro, a tropical root vegetable has a unique sweet taste similar to buttered popcorn. Taro milk is a popular flavor in milk teas with boba!


Peach Milk

Source: Olatte

Peach milk is perfect if you’re not too fond of overly sweet drinks. The slightly sweet peach flavor with milk makes a perfect light drink.


Cotton Candy Milk

Source: Borden Dairy

If you’re a sweet tooth, cotton candy milk exists! The sweetness from the cotton candy flavor will make it seem like you’re drinking a dessert instead of eating it.


Cheese Milk

Source: PT SO GOOD FOOD / RealGood

Cheese-flavored milk sounds odd, but some people like the salty and buttery taste of cheese with milk, making it a rich drink.


Melon Milk

Source: Binggarae

Another popular flavor in South Korea, melon milk is a light and smooth drink with a slight sweetness to its taste.


Mint Milk

Source: TruMoo

This flavor may seem intense, but it’s perfect for mint lovers who want the taste of mint in their milk.

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