Mike Pence Hina Biden Worst President in Modern History

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Former Vice President of the United States (US) Mike Pence claims Joe Biden has done more damage to America than any president in modern history. In February, several polls released by US company RealClearPolitics showed US President Joe Biden’s approval rating or popularity had plunged to less than 40% for the first time since he took office in January 2021.


Speaking to Fox News, Pence noted, “In 14 In a short month, inflation hit its highest level in 40 years and fuel prices rose 70%.”


“We are experiencing the worst crisis on our border in American history. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, mishandling of the COVID pandemic, and the list goes on,” the former US vice president said.


Regarding the situation with refugees, Pence warned Biden that canceling Title 42 would further exacerbate the migration crisis in the US.


Make no mistake, the radical Left is in the saddle in the Democratic Party, and they have an open border policy. And is that when they stop building the wall when they end up ‘remaining in Mexico’, the latest step from lifting Title 42. I think it’s all about advancing their open border policies that hurt the American people.


Pence shared estimates that daily illegal border crossings could jump from 7,000 people to 18,000 following the revocation of Title 42 on May 23. The restrictions, imposed by the Donald Trump administration at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, allow border patrols to quickly remove migrants from the country without allowing them to apply for refugee status.


The former US vice president spoke after the latest NBC News poll conducted in late March showed President Biden’s popularity rating fell to 40% as the US midterm elections drew near.


Surveys show Americans are concerned about the nation’s economy, with 64% of respondents disagreeing with Biden’s handling of economic issues.


According to the poll, 62% say their income has shrunk amid the rising cost of living as the majority of respondents consider it the most important issue facing their country. The poll also shows Americans generally disagree with the president’s handling of foreign policy issues, with 51% believing he is underperforming in this area.


In particular, respondents evaluated Biden’s policy in Ukraine negatively, with only 28% rating it positively. The last time Biden enjoyed more than 50% public support was at the start of his term in the White House in early 2021. Since then, his approval rating has dropped due to public discontent over America’s chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the southern border crisis, and skyrocketing inflation.


The Biden administration has failed to address the issue of rising inflation over the past few months. The government blames economic conditions on the legacy of former President Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch special military operations in Ukraine.

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