Microsoft Account will be mandatory in Windows 11

As Microsoft released Windows 11 first major update after the release, Microsoft adds various additions to the operating system. Alas, there is one addition that might disappoint or even annoying for some users. Like Windows 11 Home Edition, Windows 11 Pro Edition will ask the users to set up their Microsoft account forcibly.

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When users setting up the operating system for the first use, internet connection will be required to set up the computer for setting up the Microsoft account. In the current version of Windows 11, users still able to create a local account and set up the computer without internet connection.

By this new policy, Windows 11 will become the only major consumer operating system that obliges the users to login to the account (not a local account). Unlike Apple’s Mac OS that is still possible to create a local account and skip the online account sign-in during set up. Chrome OS also enables the users to access their device in guest mode, thus the device can be used for basic browsing without a user account.

The change probably (and should not be) affect those who had already configured their operating system with a local account. However, there are some tricks available to set up Windows 11 with a local account. But the tricks are still requiring internet connection in order to work. The best solution for those who want to set up the operating system with a local account is by creating a burner Microsoft account, use the account for setting up, then sign the account out of the computer after the setup.

Source: Ars Technica

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