Miami Heat at Boston Celtics Game 3 Post-Season Playoffs

This was a game to remember. From the early stages, as the Miami Heat took off with a demanding and commanding lead, to a stellar run by the Boston Celtics, which I will get into in a minute.


But let me start with the play of superstar Jimmy Butler in the first half with the help of his teammates, especially the likes of one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game of basketball, Kyle Lowry, and the latest Sixth Man of the Year, Tyler Herro, along with the rest of the team.


Jimmy Buttler ensured most of his team saw the action as the passing on the floor was flawless in the first half, and mind you, I mean the first half. The star also contributed with dynamic plays himself that got the heat off to a great start in general.


The defense was suffocating and most of the plays were textbook that made sure to create turnovers where the team saw the weaknesses in the Celtics’ offense and then pounced on them with drives and conversions.


Kyle Lowry had to leave in the first quarter for a non-specified reason but came back to finish the game.


For most of the first half, as I said, Miami dominated and took control of this game and looked to take charge going into the third and fourth quarters. However, the Boston Celtics had something to say about that and man was it ever enticing to the fans and the league and the world watching.


As scary as it is, Jimmy Buttler sustained an injury during the game, I believe in the third and did not return, and that’s where the Celtics took control of their own fate and took a heavy run down by 21 points at the Miami Heat.


I was so impressed, and man was it ever so good to see a ball game like this, which in fact reminded me of the previous night’s ball game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors that had the same effect, except Golden State completed the comeback.


The Celtics did their darndest to overpower the heat, but crucial baskets were not made and careless fouls nearing the end mark did their best to tamper with their well-deserved comeback victory, which I thought would have been cool like the other night.


But hey, upsets and surprises are all a part of the playoffs, and nothing can stop that.


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