Mexican Gastronomy: Tinga de Pollo (Chicken Tinga)


Originally from Puebla Mexico, tinga de Pollo is a dish composed of chicken, and a sauce of chipotle, tomato, onion, and spices. The first time this dish was documented was in 1881 in the book “La cocinera poblana” or English: The poblana chef. It describes seven tinga recipes: Tinga escandalosa, poblana, hot, cold, with jalapeño bell pepper, and two other recipes. We had previously talked about chiles en nogada, also from Puebla. This state has a great influence on Mexico’s gastronomy; due to the results of miscegenation during the Conquest.

It is usually served as a stew over tostadas. Tinga tostadas are fried corn tortillas in a flattened circular shape. Just as the gastronomy in Puebla was influenced by the Conquest. By eating this dish in tostadas, we also see the indigenous background. Since corn tostadas were usually eaten since the pre-Hispanic era, they are crunchy and rigid. Tostadas are also eaten with stews such as pork leg, seafood, and all types of meat. Tinga tostadas are usually topped with beans, cream, and cheese on top of the chicken. The chiles used for Tinga’s adobo are chipotle chiles, as they are sweet and spicy.

It is a versatile dish since it can also be prepared with beef, pork, and even tuna. It can be eaten in tacos, tostadas, or as a side dish. Being a typical Mexican dish, it is eaten especially during September. For Independence celebration, where culture and history are honored. Families get together with different typical dishes. Among them, you can never miss the Tinga.

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