Met Gala 2022: Best Dressed

The Met Gala is here! 


This year’s event theme is “Glided Glamour and White Tie,” which resembles a fashion worn during the 19th century.


Every year, fans worldwide anticipate seeing celebrities in their best-themed looks at the gala, and every year several celebrities manage to take our breath away with their choice of fashion. This year is no different, with several celebrities twisting 1800s fashion. See it for yourself!


Here are some of the best-dressed celebrities at the Met Gala 2022: 


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1. Blake Lively 


Ladies and gentlemen, she did it again. Blake Lively is known for her outstanding looks at the Met Gala, with extravagant dresses that take us by surprise. This year, Blake Lively walked the Met Gala red carpet in a stunning Versace gown with a copper bow resting around the waist. The actress accessorized her gown with a tiara and copper gloves to match the bow. However, mid-event, the actress took us all by surprise (including her husband Ryan Reynolds) and untied the bow, revealing a long turquoise tail that lasts for days! What’s more, two men swiftly took off her copper gloves to reveal the delicate, turquoise ones beneath.


The dress was inspired by New York’s architecture; copper for Manhattan’s architecture, turquoise for the Grand Central Station’s décor, and a tiara for The Statue of Liberty.



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2. Quannah Chasinghorse


Modern meets traditional: Quannah tapped into her native culture at this Met Gala, wearing a stunning blue Atelier Prabal Gurung gown with an intricate braid, traditional facial tattoos, and feathered headpieces. Her purpose was to include her tribe in the modern world since sadly many are no longer recognized. Every one of the traditional materials worn was a gift from other Native artisans.


Not only did Quannah bring fashion to the event, but she also brought history and tradition, and we are all here for it!


Photo: Getty Images

3. Madelaine Petsch


Hello, yellow! Madelaine Petsch walked the red carpet in her custom-made Moschino yellow gown with a subtle floral print. While her gown seems more tamed than other outfits worn by celebrities, her dress is simply fitting to the event’s theme. She looks as though she had come straight from the 19th century in her mermaid gown that certainly caught a second glance from all of us.


Her dress simply screams “Bridgerton Vibes.”


Photo: Getty Images

4. Sebastian Stan


Pink, pink, PINK! Sebastian Stan lights up the Met Gala in a Valentino neon-pink coat, pink shirt, pink trousers, pink sneakers, pink everything! This outfit may not be in-line with the theme; however, the actor understood the assignment and he came looking outrageously breathtaking. Many fans anticipated his arrival at the event, after the success of his role as Steve in the 2022 horror film “Fresh.”


It is rare to see male celebrities in anything but a plain, black tux, so Sebastian Stan’s look was definitely refreshing.


My, oh my. We are simply in awe of all the glam and luxury. Whom do you think wore it best at the Met Gala 2022? 

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