Mercerdes Benz sells more than 2500 units of cars in Indonesia in 2021

Mercerdes Benz sells more than 2500 units of cars in Indonesia in 2021 

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The Indonesian automotive market is called improvement in the past 2021 period. This is after various policies are presented by the government to improve industrial conditions. In addition to the vehicle market at affordable prices; the increase in sales figures is also felt by the premium brand. One of them was reported by PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDI) who claimed to have sales of 2,537 units. This figure was contributed by passenger car sales at 2021 with an increase of 14 percent compared to 2020.

Some models that contribute to this achievement are GLC, GLE and C-Class. Mercedes-Benz in 2021 introduced around 10 newest vehicle models with six new models already assembled at the Wanaherang factory.

President Director of PT MBDI, Choi Duk Jun revealed that last year he began his year with the presence of C-Class Final Edition. Which was included in the popular sales of the German brand.

“New A-Class Sedan and GLA were introduced in June to reinforce the commitment of Mercedes-Benz in providing wider choices in the compact vehicle segment. It was also launched by the New AMG 35 Sedan and New AMG GLA 35 in October, which is assembled locally at Woman Factory. Tactical Sales Program Together with Financing Partner also contributed to our sales in 2021. The success of the famous Mercedes-Benz sedans in this segment has further emphasized the position of Mercedes-Benz in presenting vehicles that are very popular and equipped with cutting-edge technology Of course. ” Choi Duk Jun said in his statement on Tuesday (11/1/2022).

Selling numbers, brand strengthening campaign

In addition to selling figures, MBDI also presented a brand strengthening campaign through the Mercedes Trophy Indonesia activity present in March 2021. The owners of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle can compete and feel the sports experience with Mercedes-Benz. The winners were then taken to Bali to enjoy the first Mercedes-Benz Luxury Golf with seven qualifying rounds and Mercedes Throphy Indonesia Final. Stardrive and Starexpo are present as an annual event that attracts visitors to offer Best Customer Experience.

Choi revealed that his party had introduced the latest services by emphasizing worried feelings. Consumers get complete after-sale services for the ease of ownership of Mercedes-Benz products.

“We present 5-year Starservice and 2 years startire, ExpressService, and vehicle treatments that only take one hour. This service has been expanded to more official workshops. In addition we also present a virtual showroom that can be accessed via .id/virtual-showroom. To purchase customer cars of their dreams anytime and anywhere according to customer convenience, ” Choi said.

Viable models available

Currently Mercedes-Benz comes with various models such as A-Class, CLA, GLA, GLB, C-Class, E-Classa, Vanz, GLC, GLE, GLS, and S-Class. The price tag starts from Rp. 738 million to Rp. 5.5 billion with status off the road.

There are still AMG performance models consisting of several models such as A 35, GLA 35, A 35 Hatchback, CLA 45, CLA 45 Shooting Brake, GLE 53 COUPE, GLE 53 4 Doors and G 63. The price tag starts from Rp. 1.035 billion to Rp 5.3 billion with the status of off the road.

In the company visitation some times ago conducted by the goverment to Mercedes Benz; appreciation was given to the success of E-and S-class models production. In the hopes that premium vehicle segment, can make Indonesia the place for production to be exported to various global markets.

Assembly option change, increase in market expansion; and resulted in strengthening  of brand image for years to come in Indonesia

The decision to make assembly in Indonesia has an impact on utilization, investment expansion, HR absorption and deepen automotive components. This will strengthen the brand image and customer loyalty Mercedes Benz in Indonesia while providing added value to the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia.

Previously, in October 2021, the Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita made a working visit to Germany. On this trip, Minister of Industry met with Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz), and explained investment opportunities in the country for European Premium Vehicle Manufacturers from Europe, including Indonesia’s potential as the basis for developing Zero Emission vehicle technology.

In addition, the Minister of Industry has also expressed his desire for premium vehicle producers; who carry out product processes in Indonesia. Deepen the manufacturing structure and increase their investment. This was after he saw the sale of the premium brand in Giias 2021 which touched fantastic numbers.

“This makes us (Ministry of Industry) continues to learn; because the market means a lot, that’s what we encourage is the deepening of the manufacturing structure must be done more in Indonesia,” Agus said when met some time ago.

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