Mercedes-Benz creates Infotainment Control with crystal ball

Source: Mercedes benz

Mercedes-Benz has introduced technology that can control or control in-car entertainment infotainment via a crystal ball. Citing Carbuzz today, Friday, November 12, 2021, the new technology has been patented at the World Intellectual Property Office.


The office explained that Mercedes-Benz’s findings could control the car’s function of the control device.

The German automaker will introduce technologies such as the 56-inch Hyperscreen to the all-electric EQS Sedan that revolutionizes infotainment control. This control ball will float above the center console with magnetic technology. The crystal ball will float, rotate in various directions, and can be pushed like a joystick while pressing the controller. It acts as a function to click or select a menu item.


In addition, the sensor units made by Mercedes-Benz will be able to detect from the assumptions of light, motion, proximity and gyro sensors – actuation and controller inputs.

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