Meet the New Agent, Fade: 5 Things About Her


Fade was just introduced to the game last Wednesday (April 27) along with the patch 4.08 update. Fade, the 19th Valorant Agent joins the Initiator Roster as the 5th member alongside Sova, Breach, Skye, and Kay/O.


1. Radiant from Turkey

As of now, what we know about Fade is that she was a bounty hunter who originated from Turkey. Fade lost an important person referred to as ‘he’, who Fade believes ‘he’ has been kidnapped by VALORANT Protocol.


2. Nightmarish Abilities

The Turkish radiant lurks in the shadows with her haunting abilities. Her powers include controlling the dark and gathering information from enemies. Her, Prowler a nightmarish entity from darkness chases enemies and nearsighted enemies that fall victim to it.


3. Inspired by the League of Legends Champion, Camille

Riot Games took inspiration from Camille in creating Fade. Camille’s ultimate ability is called “The Hextech Ultimatum” – she traps enemies in an impenetrable hexagonal zone for a duration and her basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. Camille’s ultimate is similar to Fade’s (Q) ability, Seize, where her ink orb drops and explodes – creating a zone that traps enemies.


4. She has an Official Spotify Playlist!

Her official Spotify playlist pretty much sums up her terrifying and gothic theme – with songs that have a dark grunge theme from the dance/electronic/alternate rock genre.


Listen to her playlist here!


5. She’s also inspired by Metal Gear Solid 5

Not only was League of Legends the source of inspiration for her design, but also Metal Gear Solid 5. The main inspiration came from Metal Gear Solid 5’s diamond dog companion – where most bounty hunters are accompanied by animal companions – and Fade’s hunting partner is her Prowler.

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