Meet The Irish Band “Inhaler” And Their New Single

If you don’t know the band Inhaler, you don’t know what you’re missing.


The Irish rock band, formed by Elijah Hewson, Inhaler’s frontman, Josh Jenkinson on guitar, Rob Keating on bass, and Ryan McMahon on drums, has been together since 2012 and released their debut album “It Won’t Always Be Like This” in 2021.

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The band has an old-school classic rock vibe but with a certain refreshing feeling, especially as they bring to the new generation a taste of rock’s golden days with songs such as When It Breaks, Who’s Your Money On (Plastic House), and the song that named the album, It Won’t Always Be Like This.
On July 22, the band released the music video for “These Are The Days”, the first single of 2022 and the first released after the band’s debut album.

Live manages to be even better than their studio version. With great enthusiasm, instruments, and vocals on point, it’s impossible not to be infected by the band’s energy. The Inhaler has made appearances at major music festivals such as NOS Alive in Portugal and Glastonbury in England, with more to come as they will attend Chicago’s Lollapalooza next week.


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Being one of the most promising bands today, Inhaler is on a successful path, the certainty is that they will only get better.

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