MediaTek to Demonstrate Wi-Fi 7 at CES 2022

Apparently, MediaTek is ambitious to be one of the leading tech companies. At a company event held on 18 November 2021, MediaTek reveals its plan to demonstrate Wi-Fi 7 at the upcoming CES 2022.

Previously, MediaTek was known for being the producer of bad smartphone chipsets that produce so much heat and drain the battery faster. But now, MediaTek is trying to catch up by being the first producer of W-Fi 7.

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Quoting from PCMag, James Chen, Vice President for Product Marketing stated:

“We are going to participate in Wi-Fi 7 technology. We want to be the leaders, and the metaverse will be ours,”

Wi-Fi 7 will bring a considerable improvement to the previous generation. In the presentation slide, compared to Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, Wi-Fi 7 claimed to be 2.4 times faster, has lower latency, and better interference mitigation.

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There is no official information at the moment about the release date and detailed technical specifications, we’ll look forward for the update.

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