McDonald’s Singapore Launched Peri Peri Flavored McShaker Fries

A little spice before 2021 end, McDonald’s Peri Peri McShaker Fries.

Image source: McDonald’s Singapore

Before this year-end, McDonald’s want to give you a little spice with their McShaker Fries new flavor. McDonald’s in Singapore just released Peri Peri flavored McShaker fries on Thursday (12/30). To end 2021 and greet 2022, McD adds a new item for the customer.

Peri Peri McShaker Fries combines the original McDonald’s fries with spices powder features paprika, parsley flakes, and some herbs. Salty fries meet with spices and herbs, creating a typical Asian flavor with a touch of paprika spiciness. You can get these fries for S$3.50 in a la carte and S$0.80 for an add-on to your value meal.

Image source: Mcdonald’s Singapore

The chain recommends these fries to serve with McSpicy. Together with these Peri Peri McShaker Fries, McD Singapore released a new value meal for two featuring Peri Peri flavored McShaker Fries included two Peri Peri McShaker Fries, 2 medium less sugar Coke, 2 Chicken McCrispy, and a McSpicy.

Not only that, McD Singapore will release a limited-edition crossbody bag on the McDelivery service. Sell for S$14.90 each with any purchase. There are two variants of the bag which are yellow-colored sesame-seed and Big Mac ‘N’ Fries crossbody bags.

These unique crossbody bags will start selling next January 3rd. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss a chance to have these exclusive McDonald’s crossbody bags in early 2022.

Image source: Geek Culture

Different in the United States, McDonald’s returns Holiday Pie to the menu as a seasonal item. A pastry filled with vanilla custard and topped with frosting and some sprinkles to liven up the holiday vibe.

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