Maskne: What is it and How to Prevent it

Masks are important things that should not be forgotten when we leave the house during a pandemic. However, the use of face masks that are too frequent and long can cause maskne. Maskne or mask acne is a pimple that forms in the area covered by the mask, including on the nose, chin, or lower cheek area.

The cause of Maskne

Maskne is a form of mechanical acne that occurs as a result of using a mask for a long time and causes the facial skin to rub against the mask. This can trigger irritation and inflammation of the skin.  When we speak and breathe, heat arises which is then trapped inside the mask. This causes facial skin to become more sweaty and moist. These conditions make the bacteria, fungi, and other flora such as Demodex (a type of skin mite) breed. In addition, the use of inappropriate masks can also cause problems. Surgical masks that have been worn frequently or cloth masks that have not been thoroughly washed can spread germs and fungi.

1. Consider the Type of Mask 

Experts recommend using masks made of 100% cotton because it allows the skin to breathe. When the air temperature increased; we will sweat more. So it is very important for us to always keep the condition of the mask to keep it clean. If you use the surgical mask, make sure to regularly replace the mask after using it for a maximum of 4 hours.

2. Minimize Skincare Routine

When wearing a mask, we must be more careful using too many beauty products. To reduce the risk of acne formation, the basic thing in skincare that we need to pay attention to is using a gentle non-soap cleanser and a mild fragrance-free moisturizer.

3. Skip the Face Makeup 

When you are having maskne, it is better to reduce the makeup that we use, one of which is by using a foundation with a lighter texture. We can choose a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that contains SPF and does not clog the pores with a liquid texture.

Don’t forget to clean the area covered by the mask more thoroughly, to remove the remaining sweat and dirt on the face.

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