Mask Mandate Removal in Canada


Like in other countries, Canada will be removing the mandatory use of face masks beginning March 21. This rule will apply to schools across Ontario.


Although some school boards disagree, they will need to follow the government mandate. Stephen Leece, Minister of Education, said this is a compliant province to lift the facemask requirements, but he asked to keep classrooms ventilated and with anti-covid care.


For keeping the classrooms ventilated, the provincial government has 49,000 HEPA filters installed in school spaces, including daycare centers. In addition to 7 million monthly antigen tests for schools. Lecce says they have increased staff and cleaning materials to keep students safe.


Premier Doug Ford told a news conference that while school boards may not think it is a good idea, the chief medical officer is the expert and knows what he is doing because they do not make these decisions lightly. He asked schools to follow his instructions and give parents the freedom to decide if they want to keep the use of face masks on their children.


Opposing parties to the Liberal have expressed their opinions: The leader of the New Democratic Party, Andrea Horwath, said that the solution to the doubts about this, is not to force the population to stop the use of masks. And Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Party, said those should be the schools’ decisions.


Doctor Doug Manuel said that the population has developed a kind of immunity to the disease thanks to the advent of the Omicron variant, and that is why the use of masks is no longer necessary.  Opinions vary in the population, some people are looking forward to the lifting of the use of masks, and others do not agree with it.

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