Marvel Zombies Board Game Crushes Crowdfunding

The official Marvel Zombies board game crushes crowdfunding and earns over $3 million.

A Marvel board game went up on Kickstarter, and fans bombarded it with donations. It had an original goal of $500,000 USD, but it’s over 3 million at this point. There’s still 15 days to pledge, too, so people are giving all the money they can.

CMON is developing the board game, and it’s designed around the Zombicide system. The game is set on Earth where many people, including Marvel heroes and villains, catch a zombie virus. One to six players can play and survive the hordes of zombies. There’s also an option for players to be the zombies and eat superheroes, which is pretty cool.

There are several levels to the kickstarter. You can pay any price you want, but the first level is at $130. At that level, the customer gets the base game, but the highest level is the Galactus pledge. Players get the base game, an X-Men box, and the Galactus expansion. Every pledge comes with figures, cards, mats, and everything you need to play.

If you don’t know what Zombicide is, it’s pretty much a zombie-based system. Players have to fight off enemies that are controlled by a simple AI system. As you play, you can level up and get stronger, but the enemies as become stronger. The original play tests got good reviews. Most players said it was difficult but not enough to deter people from trying it.

Now, we just wait for the main product.

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