Marvel had discussions with Giancarlo Esposito about Loki.

The Star Wars fan favorite said that he originally met with Marvel shortly after the Infinity Saga concluded for “a television part” that has subsequently come to fruition.

Classic Loki from Episodes 4 and 5, who ended up being played by Richard E. Grant in the character’s little screen time, appears to be the most obvious choice. The only other possible choice was He Who Remains, but that part is already confirmed to be played by Jonathan Majors, so perhaps Marvel was already set on that casting at the time.

Whatever part Esposito might have played, his relationship with Marvel Studios is clearly well established, as the company attempts to find the perfect job for him.

With the X-Men almost certainly joining the fray in the future years, both Magneto and Professor X may work well for Esposito, with the Moff Gideon actor having a presence and gravity that would mesh with either side of the struggle. There’s also the impending Doctor Doom, who might appear as early as this year in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Marvel would undoubtedly want to keep that casting a secret if it has already occurred.

Whatever role Esposito plays, it’s apparent that his meetings with Loki were simply the beginning of a possibly lengthy run in the MCU.

Loki Season 1 is presently available on Disney+, while Season 2 is currently filming in London. Giancarlo Esposito may also be seen on Disney+ in both seasons of The Mandalorian.

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