Marvel and Adidas Collaborated on a Sneakers

Marvel and Adidas have combined their efforts into a limited-edition collection of sneakers inspired by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game.

Now, fans can represent their favorite Marvel gang by wearing their shoes. Marvel says that the limited collection will have “cosmic colors, stellar threads, and fresh fits based on your favorite band of space misfits.” Apparently, Adidas will make six sneakers that all represent a guardian.

Bruno Gauthier Leblanc, art director of Eidos-Montreal said :

“Our take on these Guardians is designed with the philosophy that one element in their concept should stand out and be what encompasses that character. We took those elements to then match the shoes to the Guardians.”

He then continued to say:

“Marvel was very supportive and extremely excited about this collection. We have a bunch of sneakerheads on our own team as well, which made this collection even more special.”

For actual sneaker designs, everyone’s will be unique. Peter Quill’s Forum Mid sneakers will give an “old-school charm.” Drax’s Ozelias will give vibes of fierceness and stubbornness. Gamora’s ZX 2K Boosts will be sleek and sharp like blades, while referencing her armor.

Groot’s earth-toned NMD R1s will have his catchphrase, “I AM GROOT” embroidered in his alien language. Finally, Rocket’s ZX 1K Boosts will incorporate “the latest technology for optimal performance” and highlight his specialty with weapons.

“Early in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy development, the Eidos-Montreal team had a wonderful idea to incorporate a vintage 1980s Adidas silhouette — the Forum 84 Hi — into the character design for young Peter Quill. So, we started planning with Disney and talking with Adidas,” explained Marvel’s Senior Director of Production Eric Monacelli. “The designers at Adidas were greatly inspired by the unique look and feel of the game and the original, specific Eidos-Montreal take on the now-classic Guardians team.”

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