MARIUPOL: Thousands of People Could Die From Cholera


Mariupol has been under Russian siege since early March. Over 90% of the city has been destroyed, according to the mayor. Evidence of mass graves is visible in satellite images. Nobody knows exactly how many civilians have died, but this number is likely to increase. 


Satellite images reveal possible mass graves close to a graveyard in Mariupol. The visibly newly dug graves cover an area larger than the cemetery itself- a chilling insight into the scale of the tragedy. 


However, not all bodies of the deceased are buried. Many are left where they were killed. These unsanitary conditions greatly increase the likelihood of an epidemic. Deprived of running water, the citizens of the occupied Mariupol have to resort to drinking from wells. Although there is no other option, this poses a risk. 


The World Health Organization has expressed worry about the potential risk of a major Cholera outbreak in Mariupol. Isolated cases have been reported since the beginning of May. With the weather becoming increasingly warmer, natural water sources are decreasing. Reports have been made about drinking water being contaminated by sewage and corpses. 


There are still 100,000 people left in Mariupol, not allowed to leave by Russian forces who have failed to supply the citizens with any necessities. Now thousands may die from a cholera outbreak. This is what Russian “liberation” has brought to Ukraine. 

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