Marina Ovsyannikova


The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. For that reason, Marina Ovsyannikova, a Russian journalist interferes with a live news broadcast carrying a banner on which she wrote “No to war. Don’t believe the propaganda. They are lying to you here. Russians against the war.” The Russian channel is called Channel 1.



The channel cut the broadcast immediately, but later a video of Marina was broadcast anonymously. In that video, Marina explains that she is an employee of the state channel, though she is also the daughter of her Ukrainian father and Russian mother.


She says in the video “the responsibility for this aggression lies only on the conscience of one man, Vladimir Putin”, throughout the video she mentions that she has been working at Channel 1 for years and spreading the lies of the Kremlin.


With that video, she is only seeking to unite the lands and make Russians react, she asks them not to be afraid to go out and protest. She claims that Russian TV channels are spreading lies.


“Nations have turned their backs on us, and the next ten generations of our descendants will not be able to wipe away the shame of this fratricide,” said the journalist


After the TV protest, she was arrested. She replied in an interview that the authorities did not believe that she had acted of her own free will.


The journalist said, “No one believed it was my personal decision. They suggested about whether it could be a conflict at work, relatives who were unhappy about Ukraine, or that I was doing it for the special services of the West.” The second sanction she received was a fine of 30,000 rubles (US$280).

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