Manhwa review: My sister picked up the male lead

Genre : Romance, Fantasy, Tragedy

Written by Moon Shi-Hyun. This manhwa was released as a light novel at first and later got to be made into an adaptation in 2019 and it’s still currently ongoing. Its story almost focuses on a story of a female lead, Amy. She could remember her past life. And after she realized that she was now living in a world of a novel and she is the sister of a woman that brought back the male lead in the child’s form.

Amy knew everything regarding the plots and the male lead’s secret! This secret is such a plot twist that he would transform into a man with a great look every time night came by. So, Amy tried to hide this truth from her sister as a result! She didn’t want to let her daughter feel bad that she had brought a cursed aristocrat back!

In my perspective, the artist draws this manhwa in a korean webcomic style which is really well known for comics these days. Her coloring and unique characters’ styles make it so beautiful that we can’t take our eyes out! The characters’ anatomy and body ratio are also perfect and realistic. You won’t be dissatisfied with the artworks at all.

Although the story contains the female lead’s confinement and disinclination which are against my human rights perspective, I still want to know what will happen to Amy later. So, I can’t stop reading.

Ps. Right now this manhwa has many translated versions such as in Korean, English and Thai languages. You can find more on Kakao Page. 

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