Malaysia Hit With Devastating Flood

With Typhoon Rai ravaging South East Asia, Malaysia is also hit with a devastating flood.

How did this happen?

After what the National Meteorological Centre calls a 1-in-100-year rainfall, Malaysia has been hit with floods, most notably in the Klang Valley area. Although Malaysia is not foreign to experiencing floods during the Monsoon season, the Klang Valley area is usually not prone to flooding. 

The Selangor and KL area experienced an unusually high amount of rainfall. According to the secretary-general of the Ministry of Environment and Water, Datuk Seri Zaini Ujang, on Saturday 18th December, Selangor’s rainfall exceeded the monthly average.

Due to a lack of preparation for this rare occurrence, the situation was said to be rather chaotic. According to NADMA, around 5,340 families — which amounts to almost 10,000 people — were affected in Selangor alone, most notably in the Shah Alam area on Saturday, and Taman Seri Muda being heavily affected since Sunday.

To get a glimpse of how bad this disaster is, user @sadiqasyraf on Twitter has captured a few photographs detailing the situation in Taman Sri Muda.

Other States

Currently, many are still in the process of recovering from the disaster, with a few other states also starting to experience heavy downpours as well. As of now, continuous rain in Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan have also been a cause for worry. The flood has also heavily affected the townships of Temerloh and Mentakab, with several rivers overflowing. Almost 90% of Mentakab town has been submerged, and showing no signs of the situation improving any time today.

This natural disaster is the biggest one since 2014, in which the flood has affected around 118,000 people, causing them to flee their homes.

Malaysia’s Meteorological Department has also forecasted that there will be heavy rain in several states in the coming days leading to the new year. They have already warned the public to stay vigilant and be prepared for the worst.

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