Maison Kimhekim Creates the First Ever Braided-Hair Corset


Dare to be different with Kimhekim’s first-ever hair corset!


Maison Kimhekim is a world-renown designer who worked for Balenciaga after studying at Studio Bercot. He is known for his unique and imaginative designs that draw the viewer’s attention, and his most recent corset has done wonders.


A corset is an article of clothing and fashion accessory in the shape of a woven cloth bodice (interior) that is held in place by lacing, buttons, or clasps. A corset is frequently worn as a foundation garment (apron), intended to provide support for garments such as dresses, shirts, blouses, and jackets while improving their fitness.


However, they have been known to be worn solely for their decorative purposes, with fashion being their primary function. If you’re inspired by the creativity of KIMHEKIM, this new corset line is in your future—one made from braided blonde hair.



Known as the “The Helon Braided Hair Corset”, this piece is an intricate, modern interpretation of a traditional accessory but with a playful twist. The luxurious corset is made entirely out of blonde hair sourced with the highest quality craftsmanship. Styled simply and elegantly, it can be worn as part of a night out (if you are feeling a little frisky). It is hand-crafted, delicate, and very feminine.


With thin lines of braiding, it has an original design that creates a classic and chic look. This is the first time a braided hair corset has ever been made and it’s sure to take your breath away.


This one-of-a-kind corset is part of a collection called “Hair Chronicles” that features other items of clothing made out of hair. The collection explores the importance of textures, materials, and their ability to create something new.


@xohka wearing the Helon Braided Hair Corset


The Helon Braided Hair Corset is a wearable art piece. It is the ultimate in elegance and fashion. With a unique and striking design, this piece is sure to turn heads while being comfortable enough to wear!

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