Maisie Williams, a Fan of Indian Food, Wants to Star in a Bollywood Movie.

Maisie Williams who became the global sensation post the role of Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones sat down with Fellow British star Thomas Brodie-Sangster to discuss all things India as part of a promotional video for their latest series Pistols.


According to news sources, Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams confessed that she has never been to India. But she is a fan of Indian food and would love to do a Bollywood movie. The actor stated she loves Indian food. After she got introduced to it through an Indian. who used to stay in the same building a few years ago.


“I have never been to India, so the best Indian food I have had has been here in the UK. I used to live above an Indian. And would get food from there every single night my way to home. probably like for six to eight months. I was at a dance college at the time and was burning a lot of energy. I couldn’t get away doing that. but it was so delicious and the best Indian food that I had.”


The actor said in the video, posted on the official YouTube page of streaming service Disney+ Hotstar.


Brodie-Sangster, who also featured in Game of Thrones, recalled his recent trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan, where he had delicious “garlic naan with fresh ghee” at a local restaurant.


“Jaipur was very cool, it is the pink city. I would like to see Goa and explore the South (India) bit more, or Mumbai, Bombay. Danny (Boyle) spent a lot of time there and he said that was amazing,” the 32-year-old actor added.


Asked whether she has seen a Bollywood movie, Williams said she hasn’t. But she would love to be a part of one if it has “singing and dancing”.


“I haven’t had the pleasure to watch any Bollywood film yet, but I would love to be part of one with a good script, singing and dancing,” the actor said. 


Maisie Williams and Brodie-Sangster’s latest series is the Danny Boyle-directed Pistol, about the British punk rock band Sex Pistols, which was formed in 1975.

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