Maid: A Single-Mother’s Story Of Hope And Renewal Through Domestic Abuse

Recent limited series, Maid, on Netflix, has now spent several weeks on Netflix’s top 10 most-watched pieces. Also, it’s not hard to find out why when you give it a chance. Starting with episode one reveals the lives of a mother, Alex, and her daughter, Maddy, as they escape a domestic violence situation at a trailer home with Maddy’s father/ Alex’s boyfriend.

As they escape for the first time, Alex faced numerous challenges to their continued safe separation from Sean, (Maddy’s father). They continue to have hope and potential newfound prospects for their lives. Maddy herself is three-years-old and Alex wants better for her daughter than she experienced in what comes to be revealed as some deep past trauma herself.

Throughout the 10-episode series, you find yourself rooting for the mother-daughter duo in their modest struggles with finances, education, daycare, and maid jobs. Alex works to provide for them through it all. More than addictive, their story keeps building to some great moments. Renewed hope and chances intermingled with some nicely realistic acting and scenarios as the characters fight against the odds stacked against them.

The main character, Alex, is played by Margaret Qualley, Andie MacDowell plays her mother, and the two are real-life mother and daughter. This thing adds some further realism to their intricate and complicated relationship and their struggles. Nick Robinson of the film Love, Simon, Everything, Everything, and The 5th Wave stars as Maddy’s father/ Alex’s boyfriend and Billy Burke stars as Alex’s estranged father. It’s a phenomenal watch based on the book of the same name. Each episodes create amazing and impactful storyline to each other.

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