Mad Men : The Professional Life in 1960s

Mad Men (2007-2015)

Donald Draper, creative director of advertiser company Sterling Cooper in New York City, tries to balance the volatile personal life of the 1960s with his brilliant professional life.

Creator : Matthew Weiner
Starring : Jon Hamm, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Elisabeth Moss
1. The Story Behind Mad Men

First of all, ‘Mad Men’ doesn’t mean crazy, but in the 1960s it was a slang term referring to advertisers working on Madison Avenue. In fact, “Mad” is an abbreviation for “Madison“. This original AMC series follows the lives of the employees of a New York advertising firm (Sterling Cooper). It focuses on a variety of subjects that reflect American society in the 1960s, including tobacco, smoking, drinking, feminism, and identity.

2. Don Draper, The Main Character

The protagonist of the series. Donald Draper is Sterling Cooper’s advertising genius. A superstar of a company that does his best for the customers. A man full of style, charisma and passion. His résumé is interesting both on and off the job. Don’s life is full of secrets because there are so many things we want to know from him. And you will be surprised when his story is revealed.

3. Life At The Bottom

Mad Men explores the existence at the lowest of Sterling Cooper, the staffs with diverse occupations, targets, and goals to achieve. Peggy Olson is a brand new secretary that attempts to alter to the brand new organization culture, Pete Campbell is a clever but a traumatic account person. Joan Holloway is a workplace supervisor that offers secretarial tasks.

4. Life At The Top

You have the lives of the staffs, you furthermore may have the lives on the top. The guys that plans at the strategic moves. In truth the call Sterling Cooper comes from the two guys there: Roger Sterling Jr and Bert Cooper. While Lane Pryce is in energy to trim down the running charges there in any respect costs. Follow the notable adventure of the human beings with such energy in Sterling Cooper. Because the destiny and the destiny of the employer lies on their hands.

5. Brilliant Business Talk

See the bunch of business talk in Mad Men. From how they provide exciting applications to client, how they preserve appropriate customers relationship, how they take away competitors, how they cope with mergers and acquisitions, and the way to delegate their works effectively. Here you’ll see the electricity of dialogue, in which every phrase is powerful, meaningful, and full of metaphors.

6. The Character’s Personal Life

In addition to life at work, the series explores personal life at home. One of the most interesting stories is Don Draper’s arduous family trip with his wife Betty and their two children, Bobby and Sally. A family full of drama, backstaff, and trust issues. Another is Pete Campbell with his wife Trudy. Their young relationship, the day of their wedding, and the arduous journey after all the days of maturity.

7. 1960s Lifestyle

This period drama is set in New York in the 1960s. You will see plenty of beautiful costumes, hair, music, sets, and more, with each scene taking you back to the classic American lifestyle of the time, a memorable and unforgettable moment. Don’t forget the movie’s opening theme, which is highly addictive and really represents their lives.

Mad Men has won 16 consecutive Emmy Awards, including 4 consecutive Best Drama Series awards during the first 4 seasons. Actor John Hamm won a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Actor in 2015.

Mad Men promotional poster. (source: twitter).

Mad Men is the definition of how to make a quality show without doing a lot of action scenes. Mad Men will always be remembered as one of the greatest TV shows for those looking for quality storytelling, writing and writing.

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