Macron Warns Against Fake News Ahead of French Election

Image source: BBC

French President Emmanuel Macron says people spreading fake news online should be held accountable and possibly brought to justice. He said it in a speech in Paris on Tuesday.

The French election is supposed to be happen in April. Macron says the presence of fake news online is increasing every day. It must be tackled by taking decisive actions. He suggested new laws should allow internet platforms, influencers, and more people getting attention online to be held accountable, just like journalists.

It must be same for foreign media which are authorized to circulate news on French territory,” he added. He also suggested that the western media currently cannot address this issue. 

Fake news, misinformation, and disinformation are tough to fight. Because, most of the time, even before it is identified as such, the damage must be already done. Different social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, have announced that they will take strict actions against those people who spread lies. 

The Capitol Hill riot on January 6 last year was an example of how fast it can be spread and how deep it can go. Even during the last French election, it happened. This time around, President Macron is so keen on tackling this. An 1881 law established press freedom in France. French President’s speech came after he received a report over the consequences of fake news. However, it is still unknown how much action the President can take to save the election without having the impact of fake news. 

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