Monday, November 29, 2021

Mach Hommy’s Latest Single in Kaytranada’s EP “Intimidated”

Kaytranada is a celebrated and critically acclaimed Haitian-Canadian Producer who won the Grammy Award back in 2020 with his sophomore album Bubba (2019). His latest EP is only accomodates three tracks with three distinctive features. It includes Mach-Hommy, Thundercat & H.E.R. as the features on every three songs in there.

The relating Haiti situation early this year chaotic presidential assassination, brings turmoil into the homeland of both Kaytranada‘s and Mach-Hommy‘s. Diligently spitting bars, with no short of Haitian creole, and nonsensical flow. Mach is proving it to all of us again and again, that he’s on his own lane.

In this EP alone, Kaytranada‘s manage to bring everyone with a little bit of everything. Taste of uplifting choir with pop sensibilities with H.E.R.. Jazz funk fusion with Thundercat. And on the more serious notes with Mach-Hommy. Kaytranada‘s versatility is in the full front. H.E.R. delivery in the simple but sultry piano and drums is magnificent. Thundercat doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry, slowly building up the songs as it goes. And when the head’s already been cooled off, we got ignited once again with Mach.

Bringing us the intense mood focus. On this EP Kaytranada‘s agenda is to bring this international issue to the forefront. With a help of H.E.R. and Thundercat, also Mach on the EP. Bringing the flavour of Kaytranada‘s epicly produced songs.


Listen to his song here!

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