Saturday, June 25, 2022

M3 GROUP DRAW RESULTS: Which group are your favourite teams?

Moonton has just finished holding the M3 World Championship 2021 group phase drawing on Saturday morning, November 6th, and it was broadcast live through various official Mobile Legends YouTube accounts. A total of 16 Mobile Legends teams participated, which were divided into four groups of four teams each.

Seed 1 was filled by the winners of the four MPL tournaments from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

The second seed was filled by runners-up from Indonesia and the Philippines as well as MPL champions Brazil and Cambodia. Meanwhile, seed 3 will be filled by the rest of the teams that have not yet entered the seeds 1 and 2. The results of this draw have “disturbed” many fans.

ONIC Esports is included in the top seed or first seed with Team SMG under the care of James Chen, the former coach of RRQ Hoshi, as well as Blacklist International and EVOS SG. Meanwhile, RRQ Hoshi joined in the second group with Red Canids Necklacea, SeeYouSoon, and ONIC PH.

There has been a change in the participants of this tournament. The representative of Saudi Arabia, Akatsuki has forfeit and was replaced by GX Squad. Meanwhile, Deus Vult from Russia has been acquired by the famous esport organization Natus Vincere or better known as Na’Vi.

From the 4 existing groups, it can be said that group B which contains ONIC eSports, ONIC PH, Todak and Bloodthirsty Kings is a hell group because it contains 1st and 2nd place winners in their region.

Meanwhile, Team SMG Coach Jamesss will also be reuniting with his former team RRQ Hoshi in group D. It will be interesting to see if Jamesss will be able to avenge SMG’s defeat to RRQ in the previous MPLI championship.

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