A Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Rocked Japan on Wednesday, March 16.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, Japan was rocked by an earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 7.3. The earthquake was also accompanied by a tsunami warning until it was finally canceled. There are some facts about the Japan Earthquake that happened last night that you need to know.


The first fact that you need to know about the Japanese earthquake is that its epicenter was in eastern Japan, off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of 60 kilometers. A tsunami warning as high as over 1 meter appeared, then an 8-inch tsunami had occurred on the coast of Miyagi prefecture.


Let’s look at some facts about the Japanese earthquake that have been summarized from various sources below:


Japan Earthquake

Monitoring of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA/Japan Meteorological Agency) showed that the earthquake that shook Japan had a magnitude of M 7.3 before being updated to M 7.4.


The following is the data that has been collected related to the earthquake:

Epicenter: off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture

Depth: 60 km

Magnitude: 7.4

Coordinates: 37.7 North Latitude 141.7 East Longitude.

Time of occurrence: Wednesday (16/3/2022) at 23:36 local time.


Earthquake Shock Strength Range

Japan’s next earthquake fact is the range of its strength. The JMA noted that the intensity of the tremor was felt at different levels in several prefectures. Miyagi and Fukushima’s prefectures were the hardest-hit areas to feel the intensity of the earthquake. In Miyagi, earthquake shaking was felt in the intensity of 5- to 6+, while in Fukushima, earthquake shaking was felt in the intensity of 2 to 6+.


According to the explanation on the JMA website, in an earthquake with a shaking intensity of 6+, people can’t stand or move without crawling. Not only that, most of the furniture in the house that is not permanently installed will also move and many items in the house will fall.


Potential Tsunami

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the quake triggered tsunami warnings in parts of the northeast coast. Shortly after, at around 23:36 local time, a one-meter tsunami wave warning was issued for parts of the northeast coast.


Meanwhile, the electricity facility belonging to the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) stated that the flow of about 2 million homes was cut off due to the earthquake. TEPCO is a Japanese multinational company that produces a wide range of energy products.


Tsunami Warning Lifted

Finally, the tsunami warning was lifted after a few hours, not long after power was restored. Japan claims that the Fukushima nuclear power plant did not suffer any disturbances or damage from the earthquake.


Those are some facts about the Japanese earthquake that occurred last Wednesday night. May the citizens be given safety.

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