Luxury Advent Calendars: Worth it?

Luxury Advent Calendar: Cases of Chanel.

Hell hath no fury like the internet scorned. Viral videos on Instagram or TikTok can really make or break for a company. Which has become the aim of a lot of companies, but going viral is has it’s own uncertainty and risks. There’s no exact recipe in getting your videos or products viral except for having great video concepts. Influencer markets on making your products looks so great, that people would be willing to share it with their community. However, going viral could ended up bad or good, depends on the branding itself.

A couple days ago, Chanel went viral on TikTok after one of the user @EliseHarmon gaine a 40 million views on her video reviewing the Chanel ‘Advent Calendar’. The video was not a great publicity for Chanel. As she reviewing each item that included inside the advent calendar one by one.

Some of the boxes contain sample size products like the Le Vernis nail lacquer and the Rouge Allure lipstick. But other boxes contain miscellaneous items such as stickers, a dust bag (with nothing inside it). And a rope bracelet with a CC wax stamp made out of plastic.

“Might as well asked for the free samples instead”

This made a lot of people really upset as the advent calendar retails for $825 but is filled with practically worthless products placed in beautiful packaging. Elise rated the packaging a 10/10 as it’s shaped like the Chanel No.5 Perfume in white. The packaging has a minimalist approach, with the boxes being plain white with black borders along the boxes and numbers fitting into the box like puzzle pieces.

A lot of people are also upset as they felt cheated by Chanel. Where advent calendars were supposed to represent good will and intentions for their customers but were filled with coal instead. One of the commenters argued that they would be able to get more out of their money’s worth if they just went around the Chanel counters and asked for free samples.

There are other better cheaper advent calendars from other luxury brands. Of course luxury houses sell their name and branding along with their products but consumers would definitely want value for their money’s worth. This goes to show, to always do more research before buying. And be more prepared for disappointments, especially if you want to be surprised by the contents of an advent calendar.

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