Lucky Color Clothes in 2022

Wear your luck!

People may believe it or not. But, there were lots that wore clothes according to the table below and got lucky as a result! So, today I would like to recommend to you those color tables that will improve your luck! Those lucks are wealth, health, money, and also connections depending on the color you choose in the table below.

Lucky Color Schedule in 2022

Please beware that if you wear the color in the misery column, that color won’t do any good and will only decrease your luck. But, except for that last column, you can manage which type of luck you prefer to have on that day. For example, if today is Monday, you shouldn’t wear something red.

First, you should focus on the date of the day you are going to wear those colors. Then, you choose the type of luck you would like to have. For example, if you would like your love to get better and today is on Friday, you should choose one of the following colors; Yellow, Orange and Gold. And be careful not to wear purple or grey color on that day.

Tips : Not only does this color table apply with your clothes but it can also apply to the ornaments, shoes or something you carried alongside with you. For example, if today is Tuesday, you want to improve your luck with love and you already have a bracelet or earrings. Then, you can just use that instead of wearing lucky colored clothes.

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