Loving Reaper, a Story Which Death Is Not Scary but Loving.

Death is always perceived to be scary and painful. The things that most people pretend not to scare. Death is always unpredictable, and it can happen at the nearest opportunity or worst in a blink of an eye. The grim reaper is the angel who always visits us when we’re dying. None of every living thing wants to meet death. Even Joe Gardner from the Disney Pixar Soul was not ready yet. But what if the grim reaper is a loving angel who makes us think that death isn’t that bad? If you are curious, I recommend you to read Loving Reaper by Jenny Jinya both on Webtoon and her Instagram, and here are the whys.


1. Amazing graphic(Loving Reaper  – Jenny Jinya: Instagram)

Jenny has her style in drawing her comics. One of her styles is drawing in grey and green colors that fit in well with her story. You will meet the main character, which everyone tends to avoid in real life. Yes, you’re right, the grim reaper. But afraid not, the reaper in her story has the loving characteristic and is not scary, especially if you already read her comic.


2. Fascinating Story

(Loving Reaper  – Jenny Jinya: Instagram)

Most of her comics are about the death, and after-life stories cause loving reaper is how it’s titled. You will see some of the stories of how cruel humans killed animals, either intentionally or unintentionally. Some of her comics would accompany your tears slip down to your cheek, so prepare some packs of tissue and a hot chocolate or tea. 


3. Wholesome message (Loving Reaper  – Jenny Jinya: Instagram)

The main purpose of Jenny’s comic is to raise awareness and funds for real-life issues such as the effect of deforestation on wild animals like orangutans and the awareness of the falsehood of black cat myths. You can check that out on her bio and her comics. Believe it or not, you won’t regret it by checking it!

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