Love and Leashes Coming on Netflix This February

Be ready for a lovely February with Love and Leashes!

Netflix Love and Leashes
Seohyun and Lee Jun-Young in Love and Leashes teaser (source: Netflix)

Netflix has loaded up for sweet valentine with upcoming romance content. One of them will be Love and Lashes, a film by Park Hyun-Jin. What’s interesting is SNSD’s Seohyun and Lee Jun-Young involved in a spicy rom-com film Love and Leashes. What we will see in the scene is depicted very clearly in the teaser.

About Love and Leashes

After finding out Ji Hoo’s (Lee Jun-Young) secret, the relationship between Ji Woo (Seohyun) and Ji Hoo went in an intimate direction. Ji Hoo is a perfect man who has a unique preference, meanwhile, Ji Woo is a clever Public Relations employee with the opposite preference. As a result of this leaking, they have completed each other with their preference difference.

The 40 seconds teaser by Netflix features Ji Hoo as an expert sub and Ji Woo as the rookie domme. Ji Woo tied Ji Hoo with a purple ribbon finished with Ji Hoo’s relief expression. On the other hand, Netflix unveils a teaser poster and character poster as well, representing the character’s preference. Love and Leashes is a thrilling romance movie based on a Webtoon series with the same title.

As Seohyun takes the role of Ji Woo, Love and Leashes will be a turning point of her career in acting. Previously, her performance in Personal Life, Time, and Hello Dracula were pretty impressive. Now, she takes a big step into a bigger screen, moreover, she portrays a very different character from before. Coupled with Lee Jun-Young, fans from both are really anticipating this spicy rom-com film that will come to the service on February 11th.

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