Lounge in the Sky Is Coming Soon To Jakarta

In 3 months, you can experience the sensation of dining at a height of 50 meters at the Lounge in The Sky in Jakarta, Indonesia. The concept of dining at an altitude was brought by Mangkuluhur City in collaboration with DITS Asia.

“Mangkuluhur City and DITS Asia will collaborate together to bring this culinary experience with the aim of reviving the local and international tourism sector,” said Hampuss Land’s President Director, Darma Mangkuluhur Hutomo, during a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday. Indonesia is chosen to hold a Lounge in The Sky dining experience because it is a big city with diversity. It also has good taste in culinary and lifestyle products.

Location of Lounge in the sky

Located at Boca Rica Tapas Bar & Lounge, Lounge in The Sky Indonesia promises a panoramic view of the capital’s skyline around the Semanggi bridge. This culinary program will be the first in Indonesia and third in the world after Belgium and Malaysia. “We all know that the pandemic has impacted the tourism, travel, and culinary industries tremendously. This is one of the reasons why we encouraged Lounge in The Sky to be held in Indonesia because we want to create new experiences in this industry,” said DITS Asia Founder and CEO, Arvin Randhawa.

Meanwhile, the Operations Manager of Boca Rica Jakarta, Jan Hendrik Loen, admitted that Lounge in The Sky Indonesia is a challenge for his team to maintain the quality of dishes when serving them on the platform. Jan mentioned that his team cooks the food downstairs, then the food is lifted and prepared in a special way to maintain the quality of the food. “The food up there must always be warm and fresh, no matter what happens,” he said.

The Lounge in The Sky program is part of the Dinner in The Sky restaurant, which has established itself in more than 60 cities around the world and has served more than 10,000 times. Lounge in The Sky promotes high safety standards. During the above, guests will use seat belts, and accompanying staff is equipped with safety harnesses. Safety supervisors will brief guests on safety regulations before the platform is raised.

The dining requirements at the Lounge in The Sky include a minimum age of 17 years, maximum weight of 150 kg, and a minimum height of 135 cm. There will be two sessions every Monday to Friday and three sessions on weekends with a duration of 60 minutes. To register to dine at the Lounge in The Sky, visit www.lits.asia website. There are three packages as well as dining prices at the Lounge in The Sky starting from Standard class for IDR 1.6 million(US$113), Business for IDR 2.2 million (US$155), and First Class for IDR 3.7 million (US$261).




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